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March 28, 2014

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This SS14 collection by Elizabeth Suzann has me freaking out over basic draped dresses and trips to the sea. What about that necklace in the first photo? I’m dying. Spring has sprung in North Texas, and no matter how much I love winter, I hope that it is here to stay.


March 26, 2014



These chairs are anything but traditional, yet remain comfortable and practical. I especially love the black leather and gold one in the upper right. Who says you can’t have a modern and functional sitting area?

photos clockwise: 1/2/3/4


March 23, 2014



I’ve always gravitated towards darker, deeper tones but recently have found myself drawn to the simplicity of white. It’s cool and crisp, yet can easily be dressed up with an edge.

photos: found here


March 16, 2014

Ultima Esperanza

Ultima Esperanza, Chile.

photo by: Reuben Wu

Remember when I said I was ready for some real camping? Well, this past week I explored a few of the greatest canyons in southern Utah with a group of friends. It was beautiful, exhilarating, and everything I could have ever asked for a in a trip. I’ll be posting a little re-cap of the trip soon, stay tuned.


March 5, 2014


In love with these beautiful geometric pieces by HRUSKAA, a Scandanavian inspired modern decor shop. Filled with tradition and modernist inspiration, these pieces were created with a great amount of thought and hard work. You can find HRUSKAA here and here.