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May 28, 2014


Sketcharound is a Hong Kong based clothing brand that focuses on iconography, unisex tailoring and purity of form, and challenging conventions of the casual. They aim to offer “timeless modern simple” designs for those who seek distinct design in high wearability clothing with fine quality. These images were taken for their SS’14 lookbook by Miss Bean, and are absolutely stunning. Their SS’14 line was created around the concept of “nun”, the oldest Egyptian god according to myth, who existed in primordial form on earth before land or mankind existed. This inspired designers at Sketcharound to create a line that focused on an androgynous style with simple details and catered to a unisex silhouette. Not only is their clothing line absolutely beautiful but these photos took my breath away when I first saw them. They perfectly represent the look, style, and inspiration that Sketcharound drew from to create their line. Well done.


May 27, 2014


Parallel Pulse is the product of Veronica Mae & Faith Lord, who combined their creative ambitions in 2013 to produce a line of innovative wearable elements. Their jewelry is raw and magical and directly reflects the duo’s aesthetic and style. Not only do they produce amazing jewelry, but Veronica and Faith both have two of the most beautiful Instagrams I’ve seen recently, which you can view here & here.


May 25, 2014


Becoming older is so strange. This past year I have been absolutely dreading my 24th birthday. I know, I know I am still young and have plenty of years ahead of me. My fear is waking up one day and being 80 years old and wondering where did life go? My birthday caught me out of the blue this week because I was spending so much time trying to focus on other things, and you know what? It was great. I went out to celebrate with two of my best friends, and was totally and completely fooled, because I walked into a full on surprise party. I was absolutely blown away and am so thankful for all of my amazing friends who came out to celebrate. I’ve been on a lot of adventures and have come a long way in my 24 years, and although I haven’t achieved all that I wish or done the things I thought I would do by the time I reached 24, I think I will be okay. You’re not supposed to achieve absolutely everything you set your sights on. There would be no lessons learned and life would be a lot less exciting. Being 23 was about seeking out my passions and focusing on what is best for me, which included quitting the job I didn’t like and taking on some personal more creative projects. I think that 24 has some even more exciting things in store and I am ready for it!


May 21, 2014


I’ve been spending a lot of my days in the water this week and I don’t think I can complain one bit. The only thing I am missing is a little bit of sea water. It may be time for a trip down to the coast soon. Aren’t these pictures beautiful?

photo credit: pinterest



Fort Standard is a New York based contemporary industrial design studio who focuses on design, products & furniture, and branding. I first came across them when photos of their gorgeous bottle openers kept popping up on my feed. Upon further research I discovered they are more than just amazingly crafted bottle openers, but an entire team of innovative and progressive designers. With a distinct eye for detail, simplicity, and materiality their products are not only beautiful but completely functional.

photos: Brian Ferry for Fort Standard


May 20, 2014


Annaleena is a Sweden based interior stylist who works as a conceptual creator with a focus on decorating, interior & prop styling, and set & interior design. As a side project she created a shop where she designs interior products using her own unique sense of design and expression. Her clothing rails are something I especially love with their beautiful clean lines and ability to personally showcase your clothing. For the past few years I have taken a major step in attempting to purchase only items that will wear through time, limiting my spending to a minimum with a strong focus on carefully created and ethically made products. These gorgeous rails have me dreaming up ways to showcase my own wardrobe that I have been so carefully selecting.


May 17, 2014


COS just launched their online site to the U.S and I couldn’t be more excited. COS, or Collection of Style, was created for men and women who seek high end clothing that possesses good quality but also an affordable price. With modern, classic, and timeless pieces, COS has become a favorite among fashion seekers who desire something that reaches beyond the current season or trend. Attention is paid to each and every piece from the choice of fabric to the color and design. I’ve been a longtime admirer of COS and can’t wait to start perusing their website!


May 15, 2014


The Ridge Road Residence was designed by Studio Four and sits on the Mornington Peninsula in Fingal, Australia. The residence blends in perfectly with it’s surroundings and is strikingly beautiful. I love the use of blackened timber for the outer walls and the small elevated porch out back. The architects put a particular emphasis on capturing light in it’s various degrees, proportion and space, and using the landscape and surroundings in a way that makes the home organic and non-intrusive. Who wants to take a trip to Australia?


May 13, 2014


Paul Jung is a photographer and director whose breathtaking photos have already begun making their rounds around the world-wide-web. His eye for color and ability to breathe a futuristic fluidity into his subjects has marked him a man to be watched by fashion and photography notables. He has a way of making everything he captures both sophisticated and delicately fierce.