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June 25, 2014


These hoop brushes by Fredericks & Mae caught my eye in a hot second. I wouldn’t mind cleaning my house every day with one of these babies. Did you know that brush manufacturing dates back to prehistoric times, where wall and cave drawings suggest various forms of brush use? I love discovering customs and history behind those everyday objects and products that we use. Thanks Fredericks & Mae for helping keep the public informed & for manufacturing such beautiful products.


June 20, 2014


 It’s getting real hot in Texas and I have spent just about every day at the pool. It’s hard to find inspiration for outfits when all you want to do is lay on the floor in front of the air conditioning. I thought I would throw together a little mood board to help out with that. A lot of airy dresses, crop tops, and swim suits in the mix. I’ve been living in a black silk tank-top with a pair of high wasted shorts and leather flats. What’s your go-to summer uniform?

photo credit: pinterest


June 17, 2014


I don’t know if I have adequately expressed my love for Iceland, but it is on my top five list of countries to visit. One of my friends recently traveled there and came home with the best stories and even better photos. The country is breathtakingly beautiful and contains so many different landscapes and ecosystems, not to mention some pretty great bands call Iceland home. Have you seen the documentary, Made in Iceland, by Klara Haren? That film was my first major exposure to the land and I was instantly in love. Who wants to take a trip with me?

photos by: Tec Petaja & Jackie Weisberg


June 14, 2014


I used to be a person that would buy a product based solely on whether or not the packaging was nice. While I no longer buy sub-par mascara because it’s packaged in a beautiful box, I still have a soft spot for some good designs to hold my favorite items. After opening up shop I began browsing the web for some packaging inspiration and found a lot of wonderful designs out there. I really love those toothbrushes, how about you?

On different note, last night I went to help out some friends with a project of theirs and ended up staying out until 7:00 am watching the sunrise from a hot tub. I quite honestly can’t remember the last time I stayed up that long, and while we were all completely delirious by that point, it was a lot of fun and reminded me of why I love my friends and this city. The whole night was full of on a whim decisions and meeting tons of new people. My tired eyes wouldn’t take a moment of it back.

photo credit: pinterest


June 7, 2014


For the past couple of weeks I have been working very hard on a little side project and am very excited to introduce to you, Woolgather Goods. These pieces have been on the back of my mind for months and it has been quite the experience getting to learn new techniques and work with various materials to create them. I firmly believe in the craft behind handmade goods and using only the best quality materials to create them. Each piece is handmade and unique unto itself, therefore no two pieces are the same and will only be created once. My site will officially launch on Tuesday, June 10th and you can find it by going here or through the “Goods” portion at the top of this page. Keep checking back as I will be adding new items to the shop as others go and have some big plans coming for the fall!


June 6, 2014


I love the new approach to the half bun some stylists have taken and I am not ashamed to say that I’ve worn my hair half up quite a few times in the last couple of weeks. It works for long or short hair and is the perfect go-to style for that casual messy look. Try it out!

photos: 1/2/3/4


June 2, 2014


How amazing is this hair jewelry by Sylvain Le Hen for Anaise? Barrettes are back and I am okay with it. I love their raw and modern aesthetic and the ability to add an interesting take on a simple hairstyle.