Actually, I can.

July 9, 2014


I grew up in a home that was always very encouraging as far as my dreams, aspirations, and goals went. My parents let me pick and choose whichever sports I wanted to play, and if I decided to chop off all of my hair and dye it black my mom was right there beside me rinsing my hair in the tub. When I decided to go to college for Anthropology, not the most marketable degree, they cheered me on the whole way. However, during my lifetime I have encountered plenty of people who doubt my decisions and the path that I have taken. I graduated college and accepted a full time office job while attempting to maintain some sort of creative outlet. I absolutely hated my job and was constantly coming across people who asked me what I was going to do with my life and what the heck was I doing sitting in an office. When I decided to quit my job and take the leap into owning my own business while nannying on the side, I received quite a few negative comments. I had people telling me I was irresponsible, how was I going to support myself, and when was I going to grow up? To me, quitting my job and pursuing something I love and responsibly maintaining that was one of the most adult decisions I’ve made in my life. There are always going to be those people who doubt your skills, your decisions, and are constantly going to be telling you that you can do something better. At least once a week I get a phone call saying “you could do THIS job!….you would be so good at this instead of what you’re doing!”, but you know what? I love my job right now. I work hard for what I’ve got and my life is nothing like I thought it would be, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people and get after it. Do what you love, do it responsibly, but do what you love. It’s not worth wasting your life, time, and relationships on passionless pursuits.

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