April 14, 2014

During my last year of school I took a course that focused on the foundation of anthropological studies. One of my major projects for this class was to select a sub-cultural group and immerse myself into it in order to better understand their dynamic and way of life. While most of my classmates chose subjects within religious or gender groups, I chose to cover the ballet. 18a919I remember being encouraged by my professor when I first pitched my idea to him, and simultaneously being very excited to study the ballet. I ended up sitting in on a local ballet class that consisted of senior level ballerinas and interviewed the director of the studio. I was also able to get in touch with an old high school friend who was dancing with The Colorado Ballet at the time.20211013aThe several weeks that I took trying to dig in and understand this group and their dedication was amazing and beautiful and revealed to me the incredible hard work, commitment, competition, and mental capacity that it takes to be a ballerina. Those boys and girls, men and women, spend their entire lives practicing every day to perfect their skills in order to achieve a career that is gone in the blink of an eye. I came away from my project with an understanding of the ballet that I never would have achieved before.146734These pictures were captured by Daniel Neuhaus, a Canadian photographer, whose work I first came across on a post by Anabella of Fieldguided. He has produced some breathtakingly powerful photos of ballerinas and the ballet. These specific photos were from The National Ballet of Canada’s rehearsal of Carmen.

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