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October 14, 2014


MAN, OH, MAN. Life has been crazy. In the not so crazy quiet moments I have been watching American Horror Story. Anyone else into that show? Did you watch the new season? I just finished Murder House and am on Asylum now, so I don’t have much to compare the newest season to. But I’m into it. I also figured I would throw a little Tuesday inspiration board out there for you on this fine evening. I’ve been enjoying some of these “faceless” photos, which causes the viewer to steal a second glance and determine what exactly it is about the photo that draws you to it. We so commonly navigate in on a photo because of the face or model, but these force you to do so differently.



October 7, 2014

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One day I will take photos with not my iPhone, but for now this is all you suckas get. This post is about one week too late, but that’s okay. I have an all new permanent collection plus a whole slew of new pieces in the shop with more to come! I hosted a giveaway a few days ago over on instagram, and it was so much fun I just might do it again! Thank you again for all of the support and wonderful feedback on my work! I am enjoying the process of fine-tuning my art as I find myself evolving in the craft, learning more about fibers, and adding new raw materials into the pieces.


September 11, 2014

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 WELL. Here it is! I’ve got a couple of pretty exciting announcements for you guys. The first being that Wildly, a Dallas boutique, is now carrying a collection of exclusive Woolgather pieces in their shop! We have been working very hard together and I am so excited to have the opportunity to team up with them on this collaboration. They open up this Thursday with all new fall pieces, so if you are located in the Dallas area be sure to stop by and check out their amazing shop! Secondly, I have been creating quite a few new pieces, including a small permanent collection, which will be available in my shop on September 29th! Feel free to follow along on my instagram for updates, news, and photos of these pieces and everyday life.


September 5, 2014


Just a little Friday inspiration for you guys. I’ve pretty much invested the rest of my evening to reading Divergent because that’s just what kind of party animal I am. Have a good weekend!



August 31, 2014


 “With our imagination reversed to the past we move forward into the future.”

I am all about the Orphan Bird aesthetic. I mean, just look at these photos from their SS14 collection. They design according to timeless tailoring and against the trends that fast fashion so loves to follow. Each of their pieces is created in Europe in limited quantities in order to ensure high value and quality. Not to mention, they draw much of their inspiration from their respective cultures (Italian & Swedish) which explains their completely unique and magical designs.

In other news, summer is almost over and I don’t know when that happened. I love the fall/winter season, but summer was just starting to grow on me and now it’s almost gone. I feel like I need to squeeze in about ten more trips to the beach in order to feel okay with that. I’ve been working my little behind off on some wall hangings and hope to post an update on that in the next week or so. There’s some pretty exciting news that will accompany that post so stay tuuuuned!


August 28, 2014


Something you may not know about me is that I love watching documentaries, but more specifically skate/surf/snow/dance documentaries. I’m a complete sucker. So, recently while on one of my documentary binges I decided to browse a few surf blogs. Well, what do you know I came across this little company situated in New York who not only has a pretty great blog but also creates some impressive (& completely functional) surfboards and clothing. If you are into surf, or even if you’re not, check out their shop because it is just as design worthy as it is surf worthy. But probably more surf worthy-you can’t let those beautiful boards go to waste.


August 19, 2014

Lake Rotsee Refuge




Gosh, this place is neat. & when I say neat I don’t mean that sarcastically. I mean, I want to go here, now. I’ve been thinking a lot about my Florida vacation and the camping trip to Utah that I took last spring. I know I just got back, but man am I ready for another adventure. I would love to head out to the west coast soon. Anyone wanna fund that trip? Thanks.

Arch Daily-Lake Rotsee Refuge


August 18, 2014


Agata Bielen graduated from the Fine Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Architecture and Design in Poznan, Poland. Her first jewelry pieces began as a school project in 2010, but quickly resulted in a debut exhibition at YES Gallery. Her pieces feature beautiful, raw, and geometric designs, inspired by the straight line-the basic unit of geometry. I love how elegant and simple her jewelry is, not to mention the incredibly stunning photos that accompany each collection. Those cube bracelets? Man, oh man.


August 7, 2014


The Beligian inspired Ellis house had me “oohing” & “aahing” all over the place. This four bedroom, two bathroom home located in Kyneton, Australia and was renovated as a vacation house by Tracie Ellis, designer of luxury brand Aura Home. The home has a moody, magical feeling without being too overwhelming and closed in. I love the balance that was achieved with the dark and light and how welcoming every room feels. Plus, don’t you love the portrait of that man? He is so debonair. I wouldn’t mind vacationing living here for a while.

photo credit: remodelista


August 3, 2014







I am back from Florida! …and just in time to come down with a summer cold. There is nothing to help extend my vacation mood and give me a little pick-me-up like these breathtaking surfboards created for Alexander Wang by Australian brand Haydenshapes. Wang teamed up with Haydenshapes to create five handcrafted surfboards to display in his New York SoHo flagship store. The boards are displayed from a black metal cage with a black wave constructed from black sand swooping behind them. The monochrome marble pattern on the boards were digitally printed onto silk and then onto the hypto-krypto boards to create these stunning visual art pieces. How cool is that? These surfboards are stunning, but I also wouldn’t mind seeing them in action out in the ocean.

photo credit: design boom