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May 9, 2016


 BIG NEWS! As some of you may know, about a month ago I moved to Nashville from Texas! Though I really miss the Lone Star State, I am loving Nashville. A few weeks after the move, my dad called me up to let me know he would be flying through Nashville on his way home to Texas for the weekend. It worked out perfectly with my schedule for me to be able to meet him at the airport and fly home! He picked me up in a beautiful Cessna 310 (a twin engine “small plane”) and we began the three hour flight to Texas. Most of the flight was spent smack dab in the middle of the clouds. Now, I’ve experienced this view from inside a 100+ seat commercial airliner…but from the cockpit of a tiny plane? Completely surreal experience. We had originally planned on spending a full day in Texas and then flying back, but due to some pretty torrential storms moving in, I only had a couple of hours and a night at my parents house before flying back. It was such a special treat to visit my family and spend some time in the clouds with my dad. See you soon, Texas.

New York, New York

August 23, 2015


I had my first real life New York experience last weekend, and let me tell you, it was something else. Also, I realize I am about five trip recaps behind on here but….baby steps. I flew in to NYC last Friday after missing my first flight by ONE MINUTE due to a truck fire on the highway and then having to catch a later flight. Memory making, you know? Stepping out from under the subway into the middle of the city is going in my “Top Ten” moments forever. I was told to expect, or not expect, all sorts of things about New York but nothing will ever compare to experiencing the city for yourself. We explored all over, got lost in Queens, visited The Met, ate donuts in Brooklyn, caught the Staten Island Ferry, and made it back just in time for work on Monday. I understand now how people can live in the city for years and still not have seen it all.

New York, you are magical. 


July 10, 2015

CONTRASTWell. I’m back! Technically, I have been back for two weeks but it feels like both a day and a month. I spent my week solo camping in north Arkansas, drinking lot’s of coffee in Nashville, and chasing after waterfalls in Middle/East Tennessee. It was nothing like I expected, but everything that I needed. I’ll try and get some photos up here soon. Maybe.


May 29, 2015


“There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than you page you were stuck on.”

Currently turning pages, living life, and trying not to get swept away in a Texas sized flood. I will be heading out to Tennessee next month to visit friends and do a little camping. It’s the first trip I’ve made in a WHILE and it couldn’t come any sooner!


October 28, 2014





I survived my camping weekend. There were most definitely some unplanned moments, but the weekend was filled with good friends, beer, and a very small campfire. It was about escaping for a while, and that’s just what we did.



August 19, 2014

Lake Rotsee Refuge




Gosh, this place is neat. & when I say neat I don’t mean that sarcastically. I mean, I want to go here, now. I’ve been thinking a lot about my Florida vacation and the camping trip to Utah that I took last spring. I know I just got back, but man am I ready for another adventure. I would love to head out to the west coast soon. Anyone wanna fund that trip? Thanks.

Arch Daily-Lake Rotsee Refuge


August 7, 2014


The Beligian inspired Ellis house had me “oohing” & “aahing” all over the place. This four bedroom, two bathroom home located in Kyneton, Australia and was renovated as a vacation house by Tracie Ellis, designer of luxury brand Aura Home. The home has a moody, magical feeling without being too overwhelming and closed in. I love the balance that was achieved with the dark and light and how welcoming every room feels. Plus, don’t you love the portrait of that man? He is so debonair. I wouldn’t mind vacationing living here for a while.

photo credit: remodelista