February 25, 2015


You don’t want to read this. Well, there is at least one person out there who probably doesn’t. I’ve been reading a lot of articles on minimalism becoming mainstream and how it’s the next “hipster phase.” The funny thing is that these are the same people who once bought into some other trend at one point or another, though they aren’t going to be the first to admit to it. I’m here to say it’s okay. You are allowed to like whatever the hell you want to like, and if you ever stop liking it, move on. Beauty can be found in change, and I for one am very glad I have steadily progressed and evolved in my interests over the years. There is a type of “honing in” that is made possible as we mature and age. There are so many different definitions to a word like “minimal” or “folk” or “punk” or whatever word you are being defined by. Everything becomes a trend sooner or later, it’s one of the main ingredients in irony. You just have to stay true to yourself and keep on living your life. There are a lot of people who don’t want to read this. There are some people who do. But you know what? You are entitled to be you, definition or no definition. As far as the minimalism debate goes, there are many sides to this story. I’ve walked into a room filled to the rim with “minimalist” junk that probably costs more than mine and my siblings tuition combined. I’ve also seen someone purge their home with the exception of their most prized possessions in order to live a more minimal lifestyle. I don’t know about you, but I relate more with the latter. That’s just my life though, and if you are into something different, that’s okay too.


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