February 18, 2014



 The XXII Olympic Winter Games are well underway and my eyes have been glued to the TV from the moment they started. I always look forward to the Olympics and the chance to watch not-so-well-known sports and cheer on not only my own country, but the whole world. Not to mention, I will take Olympic commercials over all other commercials any day. My personal favorite events to watch besides the ever popular snowboarding and ice-skating are skeleton, luge, and aerials. It’s so amazing to watch those athletes speed, jump, or skate across the ice and snow. Anybody else out there get really pumped up after the Olympics end? During the last Summer Olympics I was so enamored by rowing that I went out and took an Intro to Rowing course at a local club in Dallas. It was incredibly challenging but equally as rewarding. For those of you looking for a little something to supplement your Olympic fix after the games have ended, go check out the film “The Art of Flight” starring Travis Rice. It follows Travis as well as a few of his snowboarding mates as they make their way around Alaska and Patagonia. I can’t even begin to explain how beautiful and mesmerizing the film is….it’s definitely a must see whether you are a snowboarding fan or not.

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