August 31, 2014


 “With our imagination reversed to the past we move forward into the future.”

I am all about the Orphan Bird aesthetic. I mean, just look at these photos from their SS14 collection. They design according to timeless tailoring and against the trends that fast fashion so loves to follow. Each of their pieces is created in Europe in limited quantities in order to ensure high value and quality. Not to mention, they draw much of their inspiration from their respective cultures (Italian & Swedish) which explains their completely unique and magical designs.

In other news, summer is almost over and I don’t know when that happened. I love the fall/winter season, but summer was just starting to grow on me and now it’s almost gone. I feel like I need to squeeze in about ten more trips to the beach in order to feel okay with that. I’ve been working my little behind off on some wall hangings and hope to post an update on that in the next week or so. There’s some pretty exciting news that will accompany that post so stay tuuuuned!

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